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According to the Austrian Automobile Association survey, nearly driving the Czechs at least in Europe. While the first placed driver from Luxembourg, who raid on average 13,350 km per year, the Czech driver has a year on the clock about 6880 km less. For us it is only Bulgaria, Malta, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania.Then they seem - in my opinion - somewhat misguided constant challenge to limit the operation of passengercars, as it would have looked like if we went as already mentioned in Luxembourg ...

Renew of Road Act allows for the modification registration. The registration mark should be (according to some sources, since 2013) to publish the name and will not change even when the owner moved out of the original county of registration. It was already here ... Another new feature should be able to choose the composition of the characters SS. But this "service" should be charged the amount of 5 to 10 thousand CZK.. It`s a shame.... It would be nice to have a tag nicknames club members ... J

In Germany, reflected on ... what? The effect of the ban on vehicles 'non-organic' car to the centers of largecities. The result is that smaller cars are "green" than a bus load! Buses produce fumes for more thanpassenger cars. And even if it only goes in the car driver!

November came and with it an obligation - the optional přezout pets in winter shoes. Formulation of the law is clear as the sky in recent days, this is another great product of our legislators. However, my opinion is that it is better přezout, winter mixture is cold, after all the road better than the summer, which in temperaturesaround zero and which changes in stone ... 

Oh, and remember to replace the wiper fluid! 



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Thursday, 06 August 2020

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