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Statutes of the Club

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Civic Association
"Chrysler Club Czechoslovakia o.s."

Article I
Name and location, scope and nature of the association

1) The name of the association is: "Chrysler Club Czechoslovakia o.s." (hereinafter "Association");

2) The seat of the association is Borovská 346, Prague 9 - Újezd of Forests, Postal Code 190 16

3) The Association operates throughout the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic, the association is divided into organizational units.

4) Character Association - Association is an unincorporated association formed under Act No. 83/1990 Coll., Which are grouped Chrysler vehicle owners.

Article II
Objectives of activity

The aim of the association is to bring together the natural or legal osobya allow them to express interest in the cars Chrysler and Plymouth vehicles Voyager and Grand Voyager and Dodge Caravan and Grand Caravan - a sister model, identical with the production of the Chrysler brand.

Article III
The contents and forms of action
1) Task must correspond to the objectives of the association.

2) The primary objectives of the association by organizing club events, consultancy regarding servicing of vehicles and or. represent members in negotiations with state authorities, organizations and institutions, where the common interests of club members require.

Article IV
Membership in the Association

1) Members of the Association may only be a natural person over 18 years who owns the vehicle above mentioned brands, eventually. specific models of any engines or vehicles shown on this interest.

2) Application for membership of the Committee shall adopt the Association. To receive member approval is required 2 / 3 of the Committee. Membership requires the provision of personal data in přihlášce.S personal data will be handled in accordance with Act No. 101/2000 Coll. on the protection of personal data.

3) Founding member of the association is a natural person who is involved in the preparatory committee against whose membership reasoned objections were raised by other parties participating in the preparatory committee.

4) Membership is

- Filing a completed personal data

- Approval of the Membership Committee of the Association

5) Membership expires
- Written notice of withdrawal committee member of the Association
- Member Meeting decision to exclude;
- Non-payment of membership fees after a period of 50 days after due date
- Death, dissolution of the legal person - a member of the association, dissolution of the association

6) A member is entitled
- Participate in the activities of the Association and its bodies and to be informed about this activity;
- Participate in the meeting of members, elect the Association and be elected;
- Present proposals, suggestions and comments on the activities of the Association;
- Participate in setting goals and forms of business associations;

7) A member is obliged
- To comply with these statutes, and act in accordance with the aims of the association

- Properly fill out your registration information and keep up to date

-Protect and honor the good name of the club

- Within one month of taking place on the club website ( at least one photo of your vehicle
- To pay membership fees

8) The amount of membership dues provide membership meeting.

Article V
Authorities Association

Bodies of the association are:
- Membership Meeting
- Committee and Chairman of the Association
- The Government Inspector Association

Article VI
Membership Meeting

1) Membership Meeting is the supreme body of the Association which meets at least once a year. Form meeting may be electronic, such as secure instant messaging within a closed room.

2) The membership committee shall convene a meeting of the association. Membership Meeting a quorum is present if at least 25% of association members; not meet if the quorum membership meeting, convened by the Association Committee within two months (but not earlier than 5 days ...) replacement member meeting, this is a quorum regardless of the number of members present. Membership meeting shall take decisions by voting, the adoption of decisions require approval by an absolute majority of members present, unless indicated otherwise in these statutes.

3) The membership shall convene a meeting of the Association Committee if requested to25% of its members and within one month, unless the application deadline is indicated later.

4) Membership Meeting
- Approves the Articles of Association and amendments thereto, shall decide on the dissolution of the association, the adoption of these decisions require the consent of an absolute majority of present members of the association
- Select Committee and auditor association
- Approves the budget, activity report, report on operations for the past year and an audit report;
- Determines the form and specification of activities for the next period;
- Sets the amount of registration fee and membership fees;

Article VII
Committee and Chairman of the Association, acting on behalf of the Association

1) Committee of the Association is min. three members, their term of office is two years. From its elected chairman of the association and treasurer. Activities of the Association Committee shall be chaired by the association, his vote decides in case of equality of votes.

2) The association manages the association between the member meetings. Committee meeting of the association is freely accessible to members of the association. Association Committee
- At the next meeting discuss the matter, if requested by a member of the association;
- Prepare a report on the activities of the prior year period, the draft budget for next year, any changes in statutes, draft targets other activities.

3) President of the Association is a statutory body of the Association, acting on behalf of the Association as President in writing, authorized members of the association. These persons acting on behalf of the association alone.

Article VIII
Inspector Association

1) checks the activities of the association, especially its management and implementation of decisions meeting of members, their term of office is one year;

2) Prepares audit reports and critique the draft annual report, by the membership meeting.

Article IX

Principles of management

1) The Association is a nonprofit organization. Any revenue will consist of donations, grants and subsidies and will be used for business associations.

2) Expenses of the Association are focused on delivering the objectives of the Association in accordance with the types of activities under these statutes and the budget of the association.

Article X
The circumstances of termination of the association

In the case of termination of any remaining assets after liquidation decision passed by the meeting of members non-profit legal person whose goals are close to the goals of the association.

Article XI

Final provisions

These statutes take effect on registration of associations in the Ministry of Interior.


Final provisions

These statutes take effect on registration of associations in the Ministry of Interior.

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