Chrysler CLub Czechoslovakia

Klub majitelů a příznivců aut značky Chrysler

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If you are interested in membership in the "Chrysler Club Czechoslovakia o.s." and agree with the articles, download the application form in this section, fill it out and send it to the address of the club, which is in the statutes. Applications can also send scanned mail and give me the original post on any of the events. Upon receipt of the application and its approval by the club you will create a user account to access the privatesection of the site
The club have in any case does not ambition to complete segregation from the original unofficial club. From the original site will not move all that talk, chat, and our profiles will remain on the original Further meetings will be held and will be organized joint participation in major U.S. carrallies in the CR as yet.
However, membership in the club will have clear benefits. Several ongoing negotiations with companies, their results will of course be published in news from the official club. We hope that you who are really interested in club events, soon convince about the benefits of membership in an official club.
As previously discussed, the club is for those who have a genuine interest in the Active membership in the club.
Any candidates who have already sent the application form, please be patient, the committee must discuss.

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